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Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Traditions {Link-up}

Joe and I have been in disagreement about what the definition of a tradition is. According to him, something doesn't become a tradition until you have done it more than once. In my mind, the first time we do something that I want to be a family tradition, it's starting a tradition. I don't think we'll ever agree on it one way or the other because we're both so stubborn, but that's ok!

My Favorite Christmas Traditions

Traditions are my favorite things, I look forward to them all year long. Some of our family traditions for the holidays include:

  • Driving around to look at people's Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music. This is one that we started this year, so Joe doesn't consider it tradition yet. ;)
  • Staying up late on Christmas Eve, watching holiday movies and playing board games until midnight when we open all of our gifts. We've done this the last two years and plan to do it again this year. In the future, when we have kids, Joe and I can stay up together and open our gifts to each other so we'll be able to focus on them and their excitement in the morning.
  • Pajamas on Christmas Eve. Yes, I realize this is everyone's family tradition, but it's still a good one. Even though Joe and I have to buy our own if we want them now that we're married.
  • Putting together a 12 Days of Christmas for my husband. I do something different every year and it's been a lot of fun.
  • Family parties, dinners and all of the yummy goodness that we eat every year!

What are your favorite holiday traditions? Link-up your tradition posts below!


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Just the good ol' family traditions like birthday cereal, fireworks with the neighbors, Christmas Eve pajamas, and ding dongs in our stockings.

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  1. I used to decorate with my mom every year. And bake all the Christmas cookies with her.

  2. We drive around to look at the lights too! Of course, you've gotta have Christmas music blasting the entire time!

  3. It's the perfect Christmas tradition! :)

  4. So much fun! My mom wants to start a tradition with the girls of Christmas baking every year too!

  5. SO many traditions!! Christmas Eve Pajama's, Christmas Eve buffet with my family, Christmas morning breakfast, luncheon with family. When I was little, for new years eve we would run outside just at midnight with spoons and pots and pans and just bang them together and cheer, and then we'd go to sleep. I love this time of year!

  6. So fun! Traditions definitely make this time of year so much better :)


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